'Visions of Dystopia' is a multi-disciplinary project dealing with the social, economic and political relations of the Maltese Islands.
The basis of this study lies on the theorisation that industrial development, free market models, a focus on economic growth and a conjuncture of greed and power fail to support development that is sustainable.
The project predominantly explores local vistas and destructive short-sighted measures that favour economic growth at the expense of adequate planning as well as investment in social capital.
In practice, it also counters the prevailing romanticised idealised depictions of the country which are found abundant in advertisements and party-political promotion. 
Dystopia within this context is to an extent hyperbolic but, as in literature, the project could serve as a warning sign, a call that opens the possibility of dialogue on socio-economic practices within the Maltese borderline.
On such treatise, the project acts as a protest and begs for a re-evaluation of our economic and political systems.

Kevin Mallan | Visual Art | MA Photography Student
b. 1989